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Arkassa Village – Karpathos Island


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Welcome to Little Paradise!

Little Paradise Rooms Arkasa Karpathos

Little Paradise Rooms Arkasa Karpathos

Welcome to your personal paradise in Arkassa, Karpathos!

Where the magic colours of the sunset in Arkasa Karpathos meets the blue ocean of Agios Nikolaos. In our little paradise in Arkasa blue from the ocean, Greek sunlight, the wave's melody and stunning sunset in Agios Nikolaos travels you to tranquility!

Suites in Arkasa for romantics & couples who look for a private environment to enjoy the breakthtaking ocean and sunset view...
An alternative option to travel in Arkasa Karpathos, for people who want a quiet, central location in Agios Nikolaos on Karpathos, with the harmony of Greek hospitality...

Admirers of Greek history and tradition make a trip through culture in a charming environment, surrounded by sea, colorful flowers and Greek herbs…

Let yourselves to be charmed!